Our grantmaking process primarily focuses on our rapid response application cycle. (click here)
We will open for the 2020 Rapid Response Grant Cycle on July 15th, 2020. The cycle will close on August 30th, 2020. We recommend applicants to apply early as we have designated amounts allotted for 2020.

Target Geographic Areas

We accept applications from organizations in our target geographic areas, including:

— Great Lakes Bay Region (incl. Isabella County),
— Washtenaw County.

— Greater Chicago Area,
— Lake County,
— Quad Cities.

— Greater Memphis Area,
— Western Tennessee (incl. Jackson).

Please see our about page to learn more about our mission and core interests and see our FAQ page for details about how we work.

For additional information about our application cycles or to submit letters of inquiry, please use our contact page or email us directly at Please address all letters and applications to the Board of Directors.

*We will not accept/process applications received after the cycle closes.